A random pic of her

I love this picture of her.

But I'm very sorry If I haven't uploaded any pic in... soooo much time


Sandra's perfect face / outdoor pics

Most of the following pics explain again why I like Sandra that lot, and they were all took in outdoor locations... well, most of them.

Enjoy ^__^


Sandra's perfect face (I)

I was thinking about why is Sandra so perfect for me... then I watched her face, and I noticed.

Well... Here are some face close-up pics, hope you like it ^__^:

Three wallpapers of the Sandra fan comunity. Credits to the unknown creator:

To end, a heavy one and a personal favorite. Some Sandra fan made it, a great effort (you must watch closer...):



Sandra and her mom, out to shop.

Well, my second post just to show to you her mom. You can also see her shopping around.

One of her mom alone and two with both:

Finally, two wearing a really beautiful snow suit. She looks perfect, as always *o*:


First post, some Sandy vids

Hello, I'm more known as Dotcom (.com) in some places.

I'm a big Sandra fan, but sometimes it's kind of difficult.

Anyway, I'm here to post mostly pics of her from time to time.

Ahm... I'm gonna search and ask to know if I'm not gonna be sued by her Homepage.

Before that, and since it's free anyway, here's a sweet vid of her posing for the cam. Enjoy ^__^

Sweet Sandra

Another one, when she was younger:
Sweet Sandra